MARMED – the leading Digital Agency for Medical Centers, Hospitals, Aesthetic Medical Centers.

We make sure that investments in digital marketing
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Our services

  • Creating medical websites

  • Technical support of the site

  • Creating landing pages

  • Maintaining Instagram profile of a

    clinic or doctor

  • SEO optimization

  • Medical copywriting

  • Email Marketing

Analytics and other
  • Remote call center for processing incoming requests

  • Configuring End-to-end Analytics

  • Implementation of amoCRM

  • Contextual advertising (Yandex, Google)

  • Targeted advertising (FB, INST, VK, myTarget)

  • Lead generation for clinic services

About us

MARMED is a team of specialists with experience in promoting and developing medical institutions. Since 2018, we have been providing marketing and clinic development services.

Our goal in each project is to organize systematic work to promote medical business, increase patient flow. We are for a comprehensive approach, so we use all available marketing, service, sales and analytics tools.

We have created the largest Telegram channel about medical marketing “MARMED”, where we share our experience. The created community of medical marketers made it possible to significantly strengthen the team.

We are not a streaming marketing agency. The number of projects “in the works” is strictly limited to ensure maximum involvement. On average, clients work with us for one year or more.

We will be glad to discuss your project and make a comprehensive proposal for its promotion. On the website you can get acquainted with our cases, team, blog articles.

Best wishes, Danil Chichkanov, Head of the agency "Marmed"


Многопрофильная клиника

Срок работы: 1 год

Статус проекта: активный

Прирост трафика: + 19.042 / мес.

Прирост обращений: + 495 / мес.

Подробное описание кейса Brief description of the case
Агрегатор медицинских услуг

Срок работы: NDA

Статус проекта: NDA

Каналы: NDA

Доп. работа:

  • Создание посадочных страниц
NDA Brief description of the case
Ведение Instagram
Многопрофильная клиника

Срок работы: 1 год

Статус проекта: активный

Прирост подписчиков: + 30. 000

Каналы: Instagram

Доп. работа:

  • Настройка аналитики
  • Постановка ТЗ на съемку видео
  • Создание маркетинговых связок
Подробное описание кейса Brief description of the case
Контекстная реклама
Многопрофильная клиника

Срок работы: 4 месяца

Статус проекта: активный

Ежемесячный бюджет: 100.000 – 700.000 ₽

Заявки: 50 – 430

Каналы: Yandex, Google

Доп. работа:

  • Настройка аналитики
  • Доработка сайта
Подробное описание кейса Brief description of the case

Our team

  • Danil

    Head of the agency

  • Yakov

    Project manager

  • Anastasia

    Head of SMM direction

  • Nikita

    Sales and customer service expert

  • Andrey

    Head of targeted advertising

  • Ilvina

    Specialist in targeted advertising

  • Vitaly

    Contextual advertising specialist

  • Mikhail

    Search engine optimization specialist

  • Anna

    Medical editor

  • Daria


  • Anastasia


  • Boris


  • Maksim

    Programmer, layout designer

Our clients